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Welcome to Shoot Edit Chat Repeat - a lively podcast for people photographers. 

Hosted by two leading UK photographers Vicki Knights and Eddie Judd.

With photography chat and inspiring guests, you'll be entertained, informed and also pick up a few business tips along the way. 

Nov 21, 2022

Here it is - after 5 years, 100 episodes, 2 awards and 250k downloads - here is our last episode (for some time anyway!)

We recorded this at a fancy recording studio in London (ooh get us!) We had a great time reminiscing and listening to all of your lovely messages. This chat is filled with lots of laughter and a few...

Nov 6, 2022

We have a treat for you for our 100th episode!

This is Shoot Edit Chat Repeat, the podcast for people photographers. Hosted by two leading UK photographers, Vicki Knights & Eddie Judd. 

We're chatting with Kristen Kalp about all of the things no-one is talking about. Kristen is a teacher, healer, and business coach who...