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Welcome to Shoot Edit Chat Repeat - a lively podcast for people photographers. 

Hosted by two leading UK photographers Vicki Knights and Eddie Judd.

With photography chat and inspiring guests, you'll be entertained, informed and also pick up a few business tips along the way. 

Jun 28, 2018

In this episode we chat to Alex Vinall who is the founder of digital marketing agency, Air Social. 

We wanted to chat to Alex to find out about the new trends in social media, and what we, as creative entrepreneurs, need to do to stay ahead of the crowd. 


We talk about the following:

  • What questions should you ask yourself before shaping your social media strategy
  • How to come up with your USP's
  • Is blogging as important as social media content
  • Where you are best spending your energy when it comes to social media
  • Tips for using your time on social media more effectively
  • How you can find potential clients on Instagram
  • What are the emerging trends in social media


It's a fascinating chat and we hope you get a lot out of it. 

We talk about our exciting first ever live event which we're holding in London in Jan 2019. See all of the juicy details here. We'd love you to join us! 


Thank you so much to Folio Albums for sponsoring this episode. Use the code shootedit40 to get 40% off a studio sample album. 


Link to the questions you need to ask yourself before planning your social media stategy
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