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Welcome to Shoot Edit Chat Repeat - a lively podcast for people photographers. 

Hosted by two leading UK photographers Vicki Knights and Eddie Judd.

With photography chat and inspiring guests, you'll be entertained, informed and also pick up a few business tips along the way. 

Jul 8, 2021

Welcome to episode 85 of Shoot Edit Chat Repeat, the podcast for people photographers. Hosted by two leading UK portrait photographers, Vicki Knights & Eddie Judd.

We've heard lots of you saying recently that you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

It's understandable - coming out of lockdown where we weren't shooting, socialising, mum-taxiing etc etc then being thrown right back into our busy lives is a shock to the system!

So we invited the wonderful US photographer LeAnna Azzolini onto the show to chat to us about this.

LeAnna has just experienced burn out herself, so we talk about her experience of this and how to recognise the signs early before you burn out.

We have a lovely chat with LeAnna all about her tips for dealing with overwhelm burnout, whether social media contributes to this and also about her love for self-portraiture.

See LeAnna's work here

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LeAnna's own podcast episode about her experience of burnout


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This is our last episode of series 8 and what a great one to end it on! We hope you have a great summer and we'll be back in September.

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We'd love to know what you think of this episode. Please leave us a review if you've enjoyed it, it helps other people to find the podcast.We'd love to know what you think of this episode. Please leave us a review if you've enjoyed it, it helps other people to find the podcast.





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