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Welcome to Shoot Edit Chat Repeat - a lively podcast for people photographers. 

Hosted by two leading UK photographers Vicki Knights and Eddie Judd.

With photography chat and inspiring guests, you'll be entertained, informed and also pick up a few business tips along the way. 

Mar 19, 2019

Welcome to episode 44 of Shoot Edit Chat Repeat, the podcast for people photographers & creative entrepreneurs. Hosted by two leading UK photographers, Vicki Knights & Eddie Judd.

We have a bumper episode for you this week! We are chatting to content marketing expert Sam Burgess all about Instagram in this episode. 

In the intro and outro, we also talk about comparisonitus, procrastination and the Sony kit Vicki has been trying out...we were obviously feeling chatty this week! 

The interview with Sam is packed with some brilliant advice including the following:

- how important is it that small businesses are marketing their businesses on Instagram

- is it crucial that we have a beautifully curated Instagram grid

- how hashtags can help us to connect with new people

- should we be showing ourselves on our Instagram feeds? And should be have a professional shoot ourselves?

- is it ever ok to buy followers? (it was a strong no from Sam in case you're wondering!)

- Sam's top 3 tips to help business owners make the most of their time on Instagram

Thanks so much for sharing all of these fantastic tips with us Sam. 

See Sam Burgess' Small & Mighty website here

Follow Sam Burgess on Instagram


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